Welcome to our project blog post where we introduce our Vehicle Management Database Management System (DBMS) mini project developed using Python and MySQL. In this post, we'll provide an overview of the project, its features, and showcase some screenshots of the application in action.



  • customer will signup and login into system
  • customer can make request for service of their vehicle by providing details (vehicle number, model, problem description etc.)
  • After Request approved by admin, customer can check cost, status of service
  • customer can delete request (Enquiry) if customer change their mind or not approved by admin (ONLY PENDING REQUEST CAN BE DELETED )
  • customer can check status of Request(Enquiry) that is Pending, Approved, Repairing, Repairing Done, Released
  • customer can check invoice details or repaired vehicles
  • customer can send feedback to admin
  • customer can see/edit their profile

Customer Profile


Mechanic Profile

Mechanic Dashboard


MYSQL Database 


Customer Dashboard


Admin Dashboard


Home Page




Project Name:

Vehicle Management Using Python and MYSQL |DBMS mini Project | 21CSL55

Technologies Used:

 Python with MYSQL






Hanumanthu, Nagesh

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